Bridge Collapses in East Indiana Killing 6

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A lot of people are afraid of bridges. They cover their eyes while a passenger in a car or cross their fingers until they get to the other side.

Other people try to drive over the bridge fast so they can get it over with. And, while they know that they’re perfectly safe, they just can’t get over their fears. These fears were confirmed for 6 individuals from Laurel, Indiana this weekend.

On Friday, March 20, 2020, two separate cars were crossing a bridge that crosses the tributary of the Whitewater River in Laurel, Indiana. Laurel is about 50 miles outside Cincinnati, OH. The area was experiencing dangerous flooding at the time. Right as the two cars were crossing the bridge, the water flooded through and washed out the bridge. The bridge ended up collapsing.

Both cars ended up in the water. All of the occupants were presumed to have exited the cars and later drowned. The rescue crews would later recover 6 bodies along the river’s edge.

In one car was 35-year old Felina Lewis of Laurel. She was in the car with her three children. Her kids ranged in age from 7 to 14. In the other car was Shawn Roberts, also of Laurel. In the car with him was a passenger named Burton Spurlock. He was 48 years old and is also from Laurel.

By the time rescue crews arrived, there wasn’t much they could do. They found the vehicles were empty so all they could at that point was look for survivors. They were unable to find any and only recovered the victim’s bodies.

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