What Documentary Evidence Do You Need in a Car Crash Case?

documentary evidence

A car crash victim who wishes to win their compensation claim or personal injury lawsuit must have strong documentary evidence. This is because of the legal principle, “he who asserts must prove.” Evidence tells the story of what you’ve been through, how much you lost, and any future impact the accident would have. More than […]

Can You Sue for an Indianapolis Crash With a Government Vehicle?

Indianapolis-car accident

If you are involved in a car accident, you’ll have many concerns. First, you may be in shock and try to process what happened. Next, you’ll begin to check yourself for injuries and access the property damage done. You may also start worrying about how to foot your medical bills and replace any damaged item. […]

How To Get Over Car Accident Trauma

car accident-trauma

Car accident trauma can change a person’s life significantly. Indianapolis car accidents often leave their victims with various types of injuries. Frequently, people are only concerned with the bodily wounds from crashes. However, there are many unseen consequences of vehicle collisions. One of such harmful non-physical results of accidents is trauma. So, someone can recover […]

How To Prove You’re Not at Fault in a Car Crash

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In most states, determining fault is very critical to claiming compensation after a car accident. If you want to seek financial compensation, you have to establish the liable party. In most accident cases, you can easily identify who was responsible for the accident. However, before insurance companies pay any compensation, they will need concrete evidence. […]

Who Pays for a Teen Driver’s Car Accident in Indianapolis?

teenage car accident

It is a known fact teenagers are reckless drivers and contribute immensely to motor vehicle accidents. They often cause crashes due to distractions, alcohol impairment, speeding, and other forms of negligence. These accidents often end in injuries or fatalities. When a teenage car accident happens, there are victims and fault parties. In an accident involving […]

What To Say to Someone Who Lost a Child in an Accident


One word for what happens after an accident is loss. Victims suffer physical injuries and lose their personal property. Sometimes, vehicle collisions are fatal and everyone dies. Other times, only some people die. For instance, a parent can survive a motor vehicle accident and lose their child in the crash. In such cases, our words […]