Clinton County Crash: Third Crash in Short Period

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Another Clinton County crash happened this weekend, adding to the tragedy. The local police and sheriff are still looking into the details of the recent Clinton County crash, but they could report that two of the three victims were driving drunk.

At midnight, on the 4th of July, the crash happened southeast of Frankfort at US 421 and county road 350 south regions. Not only the three lives involved, but their vehicles involved were reduced to pure debris due to the horrible chain crash. The crash happened as the Independence Day celebrations were happening, and reporters say that it may be due to the adrenaline from the holiday that the drivers lost their lives.

A 911 call was made by an onlooker who described the incident as something ‘really really bad.’ Apparently, one of the three vehicles had been damaged beyond recognition, and this scared the caller. However, Clinton County sheriff Rich Kelly describes the accident as ‘something that could have been easily prevented and that the alcohol bottles lying around made the accident pretty clear.

The people involved were 29 years old Amanda Armstrong of Kokomo, 39-year-old Garret Fairclough, and 69-year-old Jackie Burgin with his 66-year-old wife, Shirley. Amanda was overspeeding and turned sharply into a lane, causing her to crash with Garrett’s SUV. Garret then tried to overcorrect, causing Amanda’s car to hit another car. There was a passenger in his SUV. They were able to get the passenger out with minor injuries. Amanda’s vehicle then crashed with the Burgins’ car, killing all three of them. On further investigation, the police found out that Amanda Armstrong and Garret Fairclough had drunk driving.

The previous two accidents that occurred in Clinton County were also due to improper driving. One individual was not wearing a seat belt, and the other disregarded a stop sign leading to the accident, which involved injuries to the drivers’ children. The other occurred past midnight as a 21-year-old driver lost control, hit a tree, and died on the spot.

Police press the issue of careless driving and urge the public to be clever and use their phones, hire taxis or call for help if they can’t drive; to ‘make the right judgments and not let people drink and drive.’


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