What Are Some Common Causes of Car Accidents in Indianapolis, IN?

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In 2017, there were 31,251 car accidents in Indianapolis. That is nearly 10 times more accidents than in Rural and 30 times more than in Lawrenceville. It is no wonder that more and more residents find themselves needing the services of an Indianapolis car accident lawyer.

Why do so many accidents occur? On one hand, Indianapolis is the seat of Marion County and one of the most populous cities in the U.S. Its economy is booming as well, so service providers and delivery vans add to the already crowded traffic.

It is common knowledge that crowded traffic means stress and impatience. No one likes to drive at 10 miles per hour or be late for work, school, or important meetings. When they are stressed, angry, in a hurry, or simply distracted, drivers start behaving erratically. They lose their focus and they become negligent.

In fact, negligence is the number one cause of traffic accidents and the one driving the most people to seek car accident lawyer services. More and more Indianapolis traffic participants neglect their duty to the other traffic participants.

They violate traffic rules, they are not prudent so as to avoid accidents, and they often make dangerous maneuvers. Of course, negligence can take many forms. We will review the most important of them in the following lines.

The Most Common Forms of Negligence Causing Car Accidents in Indianapolis, IN

1. Speed

Driving at adequate speed means more than complying with speed limits. It means adjusting speed to the traffic conditions. These include road conditions, weather conditions, number of vehicles, etc. Failure to adjust speed as an accident cause becomes obvious when you look at the crash statistics published by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute.

Speed was a factor in over 18% of the fatal accidents occurred in Marion County in 2017. And these were just the cases when the legal speed was exceeded. The month-by-month data shows that the number of accidents was higher during the months with precipitations.

Drivers did not adjust their speed to the weather conditions. Add the slippery carriageway and the poor visibility, and it is easy to understand why the numbers look the way they do. And let us not forget that these months are also the ones of the major holidays. Everyone goes out shopping, running errands, and hanging out with friends and family.

2. Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol impairment was the cause of over 6% of the fatal collisions occurred in Marion County in 2017. In the meantime, the Indiana Department of Health warns about a drug overdose epidemic.  Nearly 2,000 people lose their life due to drug overdoses in Indiana every year.

It goes without saying that many drug users are active traffic participants. Considering that drugs can induce anything from euphoria to hallucination and seizures, it is easy to see how they could cause accidents.

3. Risky Traffic Participant Behavior

Leaving speed and impairment aside, many drivers behave erratically in traffic. They:

  • Overpass other vehicles without reassuring themselves
  • Do not yield right of way
  • Fail to maintain a safe distance from the vehicles in front of them
  • Take dangerous turns
  • Do not signal their intentions in traffic

Add pedestrians who cross the streets without looking, motorcyclists who ride more than two abreast, and failure to use helmets and restraints, and the numbers seem justified. With the number of vehicles operated on Marion County roads increasing, the future does not look too bright.

The good news is that, when the unfortunate occurs, help is available. The victims of car accidents in Indianapolis can recover their losses from the party at fault or their liability insurance provider. This is especially easy when working with an experienced Indianapolis car accident lawyer. The latter will take over all the hassles and make sure their client recovers all their losses.

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