Do I Have to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis?

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If you’ve been injured in an Indianapolis car crash, you may be uncertain about whether you should hire a lawyer or not. Depending on who you ask, you’re likely to get a very different answer. Insurance companies certainly don’t want you to have legal representation. However, many car accident victims will tell you they wish they had consulted an attorney right after their crash.

If another driver’s negligence caused your injuries, you need to be aware of your rights and you need to protect them. Getting compensation won’t magically heal your injuries but it will help to relieve the financial burden that a car accident can cause. However, insurance companies don’t always readily pay up. After you get examined by a doctor, you should consider contacting an Indianapolis car accident attorney.

Why Hiring An Attorney Can Make a Big Difference

Not every accident victim needs to hire a lawyer but it’s never a bad idea to seek a legal opinion. Here are some of the reasons why you should at least talk to a lawyer:

  • It can be difficult to prove liability. To get compensation from another party, you’ll need to prove that they acted negligently. You must show that they breached their duty of care towards you and that the breach caused your injuries. It’s not easy to do this on your own. Attorneys know how to collect and present evidence to ensure a successful claim.
  • The insurance company has its own agenda. Even if it’s obvious that another driver was responsible for your injuries, their insurer will look for ways to avoid paying you. They may deny your claim or make you a really low settlement offer that doesn’t cover your losses. When you have an Indianapolis car accident lawyer on your side, the insurance company will know that you’re serious. Your attorney will look after your interests.
  • You’re not aware of all the damages you can claim. Depending on the losses you suffered in the accident, you may be able to claim a range of damages. As you might expect, you can seek compensation for property damage and medical expenses. However, you may also be able to claim lost wages and lost earning capacity. In addition, intangible damages like emotional distress and pain and suffering may be available. Your attorney will make sure that you seek all the compensation to which you’re entitled.
  • Multiple parties were involved in your crash. If the accident involved more than two vehicles, things may get a little tricky. You may have to seek damages from more than one insurance company. If one of the vehicles in the crash was a commercial vehicle, the situation may be even more complex. Your attorney will have to determine all the parties who can be held liable for your injuries and negotiate with all the relevant insurance companies. If negotiations don’t bring about a settlement, a trial may be the only option.
  • You suffered severe injuries. The amount of compensation you can get will depend heavily on the severity of your injuries. If you were badly hurt, the insurance company is likely to fight extremely hard to avoid paying the full value of your claim. To improve your chances of getting fair compensation, you should hire a lawyer. There will be too much at stake to try to handle it alone.
  • Lawsuits are complex. Even if only two vehicles were involved in the accident, a lawsuit may be the best way to get fair compensation. This isn’t something you can do on your own. Even if you’re a lawyer, you shouldn’t handle your own case. Filing a lawsuit and building a case is not easy. If you don’t know the rules, your chances of success are negligible. There’s no substitute for hiring a skilled lawyer who has courtroom experience.
  • You want peace of mind. If you’re nursing injuries, the last thing you’ll want to do is fight with insurance companies. At the same time, you’ll want to ensure you get what you’re due. When you hire a lawyer, you can focus on your recovery while they handle everything else. This will relieve some of the stress that you’re facing.

Let Stewart|Phelps|Wood Help You

Book a free consultation with an Indianapolis car accident attorney at our firm today and benefit from expert legal advice. We’ll let you know if you have a strong case and if it makes sense to hire an attorney to fight on your behalf. Car accident victims who suffer serious injuries stand to benefit most from legal counsel. Schedule your case review today.

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