What Should I Do After an Indianapolis Car Accident?

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The traffic in Indiana is more crowded than ever. You do not need statistics to notice the increasing number of vehicles on the road. Traffic participants are always in a hurry, distracted, and under a lot of stress. Given the state of facts, accidents are a reality waiting to happen. They do, as our Indianapolis car accident lawyers have been receiving an increasing number of inquiries.

Some car accident victims call us from the accident scene. Others turn to us after treating their accident injuries. There are some who only reach out for help when things get tough and they realize they will not recover their losses otherwise.

One of the main things we have noticed while reviewing cases is that most accident victims have no idea what to do. Some lose their temper and neglect important details while others make costly mistakes. If you were involved in a car accident in Indianapolis, the following tips should help you.

Tips for Victims in the Crash Aftermath

  • Stop at the accident scene or in the nearest safe location. Leaving the scene is against the law and could be interpreted as a sign of guilt. Moreover, the accident scene provides important information and evidence that you will need for your compensation claim.
  • Check on everyone involved in the accident. Provide first aid if they need it or call for help. Sometimes, when accidents occur, a couple of minutes make the difference between life and death.
  • Report the accident to the authorities. The easiest way to do that is by calling 911. Announce the location of the accident, whether there were injuries, etc. It is an obligation in all car accidents involving damages of over 1,000 and/or injuries. A police officer will come to the scene to investigate and file a report. The report will come in handy for your compensation claim.
  • If there were no injuries, you and the other driver/s should move your vehicles to the road shoulder or the nearest parking lot, to avoid obstructing traffic. If there were injuries, do not move the cars until the police officers complete their investigation and advise that it is safe to do so.
  • Exchange contact and insurance details with everyone involved, including potential witnesses. Write down details like names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance policy details, driver registration, the vehicle makes and models, etc.
  • Get a medical evaluation. If you incurred any injuries, it is important to diagnose, treat, and document them. The law gives you the right to recover all your medical expenses and more. However, in order for that to happen, you need evidence that you were injured in the accident.
  • Call an experienced Indianapolis car accident lawyer. Even if they are not able to come to the scene immediately, they may provide valuable advice. As an accident victim, you need to protect your interests, and no one can help you do that better than a lawyer.
  • Report the accident to the insurer. Most insurance companies set strict deadlines for such reports in their policy agreements. Failure to comply could void your policy. They may send an insurance agent to conduct investigations at the scene.
  • Gather evidence. As mentioned above, you will need to prove how your accident occurred, who caused it, and what consequences it had. You can use photos, video recordings, witnesses, etc. Write down any relevant details, capture details like vehicle position, brake mark, fluid leaks, speed, vehicle damage, etc.
  • Avoid arguments, expressing regrets, or sharing too much. You have no friends at the accident scene. Everyone cares about their own losses. Therefore, keep to yourself and remember that anything you say or do could be used against you. If the police officers ask questions, keep your answers short and to the point. If any insurance agents come to you, tell them you will talk to them after consulting your Indianapolis car accident lawyer.
  • Remember that timing is important. Two years may seem like a lot of time for filing a car accident claim. However, insurers have distinct rules, and, with time, evidence gets lost. It is better to act early and give yourself and your auto accident attorney time to sort things out.

Get in Touch with One of the Best Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyers

At Stewart | Phelps | Wood Injury Lawyers, we have handled hundreds if not thousands of car accident cases. We know exactly how to win the compensation our clients deserve. To benefit from our experience and skills, start by calling our office. If we can come to the accident scene, we will. If not, we will advise you and review your case for free.

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