How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Indiana Truck Accident Attorney?

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Truck accident victims incur huge, overwhelming expenses. They often suffer severe injuries that take a fortune to treat. They need to take a lot of time off work, and, thus, end up losing valuable income.

All these add up to costly car repairs and the usual living expenses. From bills and debts to rent, food, and other necessities, expenses pile up. No wonder that so many victims hesitate to hire an Indiana truck accident lawyer.

Legal services often seem like a luxury, an additional expense that most victims prefer to avoid. They are in fact a necessity that no one should overlook. The difference between theory and practice resides in the details of the payment agreement. These also highlight the benefits of working with a truck accident lawyer.

Payment Agreement Basics of How Most Indiana Truck Accident Lawyers Charge Their Clients

Most truck accident attorneys in Indiana work on a contingency fee. Their agreements with their clients usually stipulate that:

  • The attorney gets paid only if they win. If they lose, their client will not pay them anything for their services. This makes hiring a truck accident lawyer a risk-free option for those in need of their services.
  • The payment will take place when the truck accident victim receives their due compensation. This means the lawyer may work for weeks, months, or even more than a year before getting paid for their services.
  • The attorney fee will represent a percentage of the compensation the client receives. The percentage may vary between 25% and 40%, depending on case circumstances. Complicated cases that reach court involve the highest fees. In most cases, the attorney fees revolve around one-third of the claim’s value.
  • The lawyer will cover all or some case expenses. Once a truck accident victim entrusts their case to an attorney, the impact on their budget will be minimum. They will no longer have to worry about filing fees, expert testimonies, technical expertise costs, etc.

Why It Is Worth Paying for Indiana Truck Accident Lawyer Services?

All these make legal services not only affordable but actually beneficial for truck accident victims. In fact, some truck accident attorneys help their clients through difficult times in other ways as well. For example, they may arrange for their client to receive treatment for their injuries and cover related expenses later.

It is important to note that, in most cases, legal services pay for themselves. Cases handled by experienced personal injury lawyers settle for much higher amounts than those in which victims act alone.

That is because, under Indiana law, the burden of proof falls on the accident victims. In order to recover their losses, the victims have to prove that:

  • The defendant or the defendant’s client (for insurance claims) owed them a duty of care
  • They breached or neglected that duty of care
  • Their willful or negligent behavior caused the accident
  • The losses the victim claims were the result of the accident

Claims supported by insufficient, inaccurate, or poorly organized evidence will result in lower compensation. Claims relying on substantial, clear, and convincing evidence will bring about higher compensations. Obviously, it takes the knowledge and investigation skills of an experienced car accident lawyer to ensure the latter.

This is especially true in truck accident cases, which require specific knowledge of specific FMCSA regulations. These cover specific obligations for drivers, trucking companies, and insurance companies. Common examples include:

  • Truck maintenance requirements
  • Cargo loading and security guidelines
  • Driver licensing and rest time requirements
  • Minimum insurance coverage, etc.

An experienced truck accident lawyer must be able to identify and prove any violations of these regulations. They should also be able to identify and prove the underlying cause of the truck accident. It could be driver fatigue (forced by the employer) or a truck malfunction (following improper maintenance or poor service).

This could take questioning witnesses, issuing subpoenas, requesting technical expertise, or obtaining expert testimonies. For an accident victim recovering from severe injuries, these are often out of reach. They justify working with an experienced truck accident lawyer and they bring about valuable savings of time and resources.

Schedule a Free Case Review with an Experienced Indianapolis Truck Accident Lawyer Today!

Would you like to know how much your case is worth or how much legal services would cost? Do not try to guess or accept numbers from cases different from yours. Each case is unique and should be treated as such. Schedule a consultation with our Indiana truck accident attorney and obtain the answers and advice you need!

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