E-Scooter Accidents Overview – What to Expect When Driving in Indianapolis, IN?

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Electric scooters have become a growing mean of transportation in Indiana’s urban areas.  Those who do not own them can rent them and, thus, make their way through the crowded traffic. Unfortunately, the number of e-scooter accidents has grown as well. Alcohol seems to play an important part in them.

Young adults are the most frequent users of e-scooters. Driving these vehicles does not require a license, and there are no laws prohibiting the consumption of alcohol either. Although not prohibited by law, alcohol takes its toll on e-scooter users’ attention span, balance, and reaction speed. At least that is what the latest statistics suggest. If you’ve been injured in an e-scooter accident, you may want to contact a personal injury lawyer.

E-Scooter Accident Statistics

As electric scooters became a more common presence in traffic, scientists began to pay more attention to them. Their findings are not encouraging, as shown by the numbers below:

  • Rentable scooters accounted for 5 million trips across the country in 2018.
  • E-scooter accidents caused approximately 32,400 injuries between 2013 and 2017. The number of e-scooter accidents rose from 2,325 to 6,957 between 2008 and 2018.
  • Millennials, especially men, are the most vulnerable category, with an increase of 77% in the scooter injuries number among them between 2016 and 2017.
  • Almost half (48%) of e-scooter users involved in accidents who underwent testing were intoxicated with alcohol and 52% of them tested positive for drugs.
  • 66% of those injured in e-scooter accidents were not wearing helmets.
  • According to a recent CDC study, 45% percent of e-scooter accident injuries are head injuries.
  • Other research findings suggest that more than 51% of patients seeking treatment for e-scooter injuries were suffering from serious injuries, like fractures and traumatic brain injuries.

E-Scooters in Indiana, or How Indiana E-Scooter Accident Lawyers Began Growing in Popularity

In Indiana, the e-scooters craze started in the fall of 2018, when approximately 3,000 Lime and Bird scooters made their way in the Indianapolis traffic. Other 1,200 Spin scooters were added on March 2019. The accidents involving Bird scooters alone were sending approximately 60 people to the Indianapolis emergency rooms every month by November 2019.

While e-scooters may seem like a great solution for the crowded, bumper-to-bumper traffic recorded at rush hours, they can also be dangerous. Although they have rather low speed, their users are exposed to numerous risks.

They may lose their balance in areas with dislevelments and fall and hit themselves. They may collide with other vehicles in traffic, or run into various objects and obstacles. Since most users do not wear helmets or any other type of protective equipment, they are exposed to severe injuries. A low-speed crash can be enough to throw them against the pavement, other vehicles, or cause them fractures, cranial and facial injuries.

It is important to note that, unlike motorcycle and car drivers, scooter users are not obliged to carry insurance. This means that, if they cause an accident, their victims may not be able to recover their losses. Considering the above statistics regarding the incidence of intoxication with alcohol and drugs, accidents caused by them are not an impossible scenario.

When a car accident occurs, the victims can seek compensation from the insurer of the party at fault. Since liability coverage is mandatory in Indiana, it all becomes a matter of filling in paperwork, proving accident fault, and documenting the losses sustained.

Since e-scooter users are uninsured, when they cause an accident, their victims have lower recovery chances. They usually have two options:

  1. To sue the electric-scooter in civil court
  2. To seek compensation from their own insurer, if they carry uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

Both options involve following complicated procedures and require solid evidence. Therefore, they are better left to experienced e-scooter accident lawyers in Indianapolis and other cities of Indiana. The latter will take over all hassles and not rest until they obtain the due compensation for their client.

Free Case Reviews From Attorneys Who Handle E-Scooter Accidents

When the worst happens, you never know what to expect. You have no idea what your rights are and how to defend them. At Stewart | Phelps | Wood Injury Lawyers, we can explain everything to you and help you figure out the best strategy to seek compensation for your losses.

All you have to do is call our office or fill in the online form and schedule a free consultation. Since the preliminary consultation is free, finances should be the least of your concern. One of our Indianapolis e-scooter accident lawyers will explain everything you need to know and advise you on how to proceed.

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