Why Should I Contact an Indiana Car Accident Attorney?

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When you have been injured in an accident and had your car damaged, you begin to worry about money. You have car repair and medical bills to pay. If your injuries prevent you from working, you cannot even rely on your salary to pay the usual bills. No wonder you fail to see the benefits of working with an Indiana car accident lawyer and focus on the costs!

However, legal representation has its advantages, and you should not give up on it without weighing those. If you do, chances are you will regret it, and your decisions impact not only you but also your loved ones. Here is what you would be missing out on by not consulting a lawyer.

The Main Benefits of Consulting an Indiana Car Accident Lawyer

1. Legal Knowledge

Are you familiar with Indiana law stipulations on motor vehicle accidents? How much do you know about insurance requirements, accident reporting duties, statutes of limitations, comparative negligence, etc.?

You could learn but it would take time and effort. Besides, the Indiana code is not that easy to understand and comply with. It is much easier to have it explained to you by an experienced car accident lawyer.

2. Legal Advice

Perhaps you can learn the law and the rights it guarantees but can you apply it and really benefit of those rights? It takes following rules and procedures that are cumbersome even for lawyers, more so for inexperienced individuals.

A simple conversation with an Indiana auto accident attorney can guide you in the right direction. You will find out what steps to take, how to do it, and what to expect. You can then decide if you continue on your own or with legal help.

3. Claim Evaluation

As a car accident victim, you are entitled to compensation. Did you know that it can and should cover more than car repair and medical bills? You can claim lost wages, pain and suffering, disability adjustments, and even loss of consortium or enjoyment.

The tricky part is putting a price on those. It is not only about how much those things were worth to you but also about how you can prove their value. A personal injury lawyer will review all details, assess all losses, and tell you how much your claim is worth.

4. Claim Procedures

Theory differs from practice. It is one thing to know your rights and how to defend them and a completely different thing to actually do it. You have forms to fill, deadlines to meet, procedures to follow, and rules to comply with.

Handling everything on your own could be tiresome, risky, and costly, especially when you are still recovering. It is much better to let an experienced Indiana car accident attorney do everything for you. You can still monitor their progress and ask them to keep you up to date.

5. Investigations

Indiana law and insurance companies do not care about how things happen. They care about what you can prove. To make someone pay for your accident, you need to prove that they or their client caused it. To recover your losses, you need to prove their existence and their value.

You need to be a skilled investigator, a thorough examiner, and to excel at organizing papers. Or, you need a lawyer to take over all hassles and get you the compensation you deserve. Their work could save you valuable time, effort, and even money. Of course, it is up to you if you hire them or not.

But let’s say you learn and do everything right, up to the point where you get a settlement offer. It will be compiled in such a way as to convince you that it is the best deal you could possibly get. Can you assess if it is worth accepting and convince the insurer to pay more?

It means dealing with skilled negotiators, trained to find faults where there are none. You need clear and convincing arguments and especially evidence. Finding them could be a challenge for the average person but surely not for an experienced car wreck attorney.

Not working with one means taking risks you cannot control. The least you can do if consider the option. Since many Indiana car accident lawyers provide free case reviews, you have no reason not to get in touch with one.

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We are one of the law firms providing free case reviews. Our Indiana car accident lawyer meets potential clients, answers their questions, and provides them with information and advice. You too can benefit from their knowledge, experience, and skills. Get in touch and make an appointment today!

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