Can an Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyer Help Me If the Insurance Company Denied My Claim?

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Indiana insurance companies deny most of the claims they receive. Those referring to car accidents make no exception. Sometimes, their denial is justified and fair. Other times, they are simply trying to cut down their losses and they should not get away with it. The best way to determine which scenario applies to your claim is to consult an Indianapolis car wreck lawyer.

How Can an Indianapolis Car Accident Attorney Help with a Denied Claim?

Your priority, upon receiving the denial letter, is to find out the reason why the insurer denied your claim. In theory, it should be mentioned in the denial letter. In practice, most insurance companies give general reasons that mean nothing for someone without legal knowledge.

Experienced car accident lawyers are usually able to identify the claim rejection grounds by reviewing the case and corroborating its details with the denial letter. If they cannot, they will request the insurance company to provide further clarifications.

Many times, denials are the result of filing inconsistencies. Some claimants skip important fields in the forms they fill in. Others make mistakes or provide contradicting information. There are also claimants who approach claims as stories of their accident.

In order for an insurance company to accept and pay a claim, the respective claim needs to clearly show that:

  • The losses subject to it are covered by the insurance policy
  • They match the amount claimed
  • The claimant has the right to compensation

Let’s say you claimed compensation from the insurance of the driver who caused your car accident. Did you fill in and submit all the right forms? Was the information accurate and complete? Does your claim show that the insured caused your accident, your losses, and justify the compensation amount claimed?

When filing an insurance claim, many accident victims fail to realize that the insurance company has no interest in accepting and paying the claim. Their interest is to hold on to their money. If the claimant follows all procedures and provides consistent evidence, they have no alternative but to pay.

However, doing that requires knowledge and experience that the average person does not possess. That is why most claims filed by experienced car accident lawyers are accepted, while most claims filed without legal advice are rejected.

Returning to your denied claim, there is good news. Assuming that the insurer denied your claims for reasons that can be remedied or disputed, you can still recover. We will review the options available to you in the following lines.

Ways to Appeal a Denied Insurance Claim

The first step to take is to file an appeal with the insurance company. This will send your claim to an insurance adjuster to review it and decide whether the denial was justified. It is important to have the appeal handled by an experienced auto accident attorney. The latter will make sure that any errors or inconsistencies were eliminated and the insurance adjuster has no option but to approve your claim.

It is not uncommon for claim adjusters to confirm the denial, even if it was unjust. If that happens, and the denial stems from the insurer’s bad faith, you can file a complaint with the Indiana Department of Insurance. If they do not solve your issue, you can still sue the insurance company for bad faith.

Another option would be to review your case and see if there are other recovery options. Perhaps you have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage that you can access. Perhaps another party was at fault for your car accident and you have been claiming compensation from the wrong party.

No matter the case, working with an Indianapolis car wreck lawyer will save you a great deal of trouble. They will provide the information and solution you need, handle all the paperwork, and deal with the insurance company and anyone involved on your behalf. They will support you and advise you every step of the way and not rest until they get you the compensation you deserve.

Do Not Take “No” for an Answer! Let an Indianapolis Car Wreck Lawyer Help You!

Our car accident attorneys know all about insurance companies’ strategies. They have wide experience fighting claim denials and winning. We can use that experience to your benefit. To take advantage of it and find out what Stewart|Phelps|Wood can do for you, schedule a free consultation. Our Indianapolis car accident lawyer will review your case and help you find the best strategy to turn that claim denial into paid compensation.

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