Two Injured in Indianapolis Crash Involving IMPD Officer

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In an attempt to get hands over the stolen truck, the IMPD patrol car hit a woman near Indianapolis south side on Wednesday night.

The woman injured in the Indianapolis crash is reported to be in serious condition. The IMPD patrolwomen also had minor injuries resulting from the collision that occurred on West Troy Avenue and South Bluff Road.

The patrol officer was following a suspected stolen U-Haul truck thief, Mathew Winkler, aged 27. He later got arrested when his vehicle got involved in a crash during the chase.

The ammunition is reported to be recovered from the stolen truck and a gun nearby, the investigators think Winkler threw far away.

As a result, Winkler was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, serious violent felony, auto theft, resisting law enforcement, and trying to flee the incident scene.

Lt. Shane Foley said, “Our internal affairs investigators responded, and they will look at the circumstances surrounding the Indianapolis crash. They will look at the speeds at which the officer was driving, anybody camera footage that might be available. They’ll pull the radio traffic to see what information did the officer provide, what information did a supervisor back on the run or acknowledge the run.”

The U-Haul truck was found to be stolen from a southside U-Haul franchise operator. He informed that more than six trucks had been stolen in the last month alone. He further added, “Bunch of junkies stealing vehicles, going around breaking into things, joyriding.”

Some of the stolen trucks have been recovered. “It’s cheaper than renting a car, but they come in with the proper credentials.” said the operator. He rents trucks at $20 a day, which is cheaper than hiring rental cars. He was further unsure whether the trucks were stolen from the lot midway when on rent or if ignition keys were retrieved in any other way. For more info about accidents, call us today.


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