Indianapolis Garage Fire Car Accident Reported

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June 1st saw an Indianapolis garage fire car accident being reported, where a garage burst into flame due to combustion of a car contained therein.

The Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) received a call in the early morning hours at around 9:00 am from a house situated in Wild Pheasant Lane in the southeast of Indianapolis near Interstate 74. By the time firefighters arrived, large flames were reportedly coming out of the garage.

According to the homeowner’s statement to investigators, he had just returned home from work. The smoke detectors went off ten minutes later after that. He went to open his garage door, and his car Hyundai Genesis burst into flames before him leading to the Indianapolis Garage Fire Car Accident .

IFD Battalion Chief Rita Reith also said that the owner had just gotten his car back after being worked on in the weekend. She also added, “When he got home from work this morning, shortly thereafter is when the fire broke out. He believes something happened in the repair process. He’ll be discussing with the local repair shop, as he expressed it.”

Reita also stated that the man’s wife and children were not at home at the time of the accident. However, two cats died due to the fire. The garage was destroyed due to large flames, but the rest of the house didn’t suffer much.

A day before this, another similar home car accident was reported from Indianapolis where a 40-year-old man crashed his vehicle into someone else’s home, causing damage to the house.

The incident took place on the west side of Indianapolis at around 1:20 pm. The IFD reported there was no one at home at the time of the accident.

The driver was taken to the Eskenazi Hospital. The cause of the crash is still under investigation by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

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