Indianapolis Man Who Caused a Fatal Crash Now Faces DUI Charges

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A twenty-one-year-old man of Indianapolis is facing charges after the fatal crash that happened on Tuesday in Hancock County.

The Hancock County Fatal Accident Crash Team informed that a twenty-two-year-old Reno Cook of New Castle lost his life in the accident.

Cook, and three other men, were passengers in the vehicle driven by Iran Taylor.

Taylor was driving north on County Road 600 East approaching State Road 234, when he drove past the stopped vehicles waiting to get through the intersection. He then attempted to cross 234, when his vehicle was hit by a car driven by a nineteen-year-old woman from Greenfield who did not get any severe injuries.

Reno Cook was killed at the scene, and the three passengers in Taylor’s car were injured and transported hospitals in Greenfield and Indianapolis.

Iran Taylor’s test was positive for THC. He now faces charges of driving while intoxicated, causing death and reckless homicide.

If you were involved or injured in a car accident, you should get your needed medical help first. Let the police do their job without trying to explain things without your attorney.

Your car accident attorney will explain everything you need to know from gathering evidence to negotiating with the insurance company.

The sooner you call a car accident attorney, the better; be honest with your lawyer, bring any evidence you have, such as names, photos, witness’s names, insurance policy numbers, etc.

Act fast and file the lawsuit before the statute of limitations ends. Indiana statute of limitations for car accidents is two years.

Maybe you think you can do this on your own, and no matter how willing you are to learn the legal procedures, you might fail and not get your claim.

Call our car accident attorneys in Indianapolis today and schedule your consultation.


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