What To Say to Someone Who Lost a Child in an Accident

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One word for what happens after an accident is loss. Victims suffer physical injuries and lose their personal property. Sometimes, vehicle collisions are fatal and everyone dies. Other times, only some people die. For instance, a parent can survive a motor vehicle accident and lose their child in the crash.

In such cases, our words can help them cope with the loss or make it harder. Therefore, it’s vital to know what to say to someone whose child dies in an accident. If you suffer any motor vehicle collision loss, it would be best to hire Indianapolis wrongful death attorneys. They can help you recover financial compensation for the damage.

3 Things To Say to a Parent Bereaved From an Accident

Below are three things you can say to sympathize and identify with people who lose their kids in vehicle crashes.

  • “I’m Here for You”

A bereaved parent can use all the help they can get. For instance, the kid that died may have been the one running little errands around the house. However, those responsibilities don’t go with the child. So, it would be great to offer to help them around the house sincerely.

Let them know what type of jobs you can do for them. It would be best, to be honest about this. Only offer help if you can genuinely do so. Don’t volunteer help just to make conversation. The bereaved parent has already suffered a loss. Disappointing them will only make the situation more unbearable.

  • “I Remember Your Child”

Death is absence, and as the saying goes, “Out of sight is out of mind.” Therefore, a parent’s greatest fear could be that everyone will forget their dead child. So, when the time’s right, you can let them know you still remember their deceased kid.

You can share your thoughts on the child with the parent. A parent would always be happy to know that though dead, people still remember their child. However, it would be best to check your timing.

It would also help to be detailed while saying this so that you don’t sound patronizing. Tell the person exactly what you remember about their child. Furthermore, if you had any fun moments with the child, you can also share them with the parent. Who knows? You may get a smile out of them.

  • “I Don’t Know What To Say”

Even if you want to be there for a grieving parent, you may not know what to say. It’s better to say nothing than to say the wrong thing. Therefore, if you find yourself in such a situation, there’s no harm in admitting that you don’t know what to say. You can then enjoy the silence with them.

Furthermore, you can acknowledge your inability to comprehend their sorrow. If you haven’t lost a child, you may not relate to their feelings. Don’t say you can. Instead, try saying, “I can’t even begin to imagine what you must be going through.” This statement could even lead to more tears; however, you would have been honest.

What Should You Refrain From Saying? 

Finally, there are things you should never say to a grieving parent. One such statement is telling the bereaved that their child is in a better place. Many religions believe that when a person dies, they go to be with their creator. Some even think that it’s better for children since they’re yet innocent.

However, the parent may not be a believer in any religion. So, this could be counter-productive. The parent may even perceive it as an indictment of the life they gave their child on earth. Furthermore, telling them their child is in a better place may sound like you’re saying their child is better off dead.

There are many ways this statement could come off as insensitive and rude. Therefore, it would be best not to say it. You can use any of the examples of comforting words above instead.

Our Indianapolis Wrongful Death Lawyers Are Here for You!

Words aren’t enough for someone who lost a child in a car accident. They also need justice for the wrong they suffered. Justice can be that they don’t have to incur any out-of-pocket expenses from the crash. If they weren’t at fault, they might be eligible to receive compensation from the fault driver.

However, proceeding alone against the responsible driver may be difficult. That’s why it’s best to hire personal injury lawyers. Stewart Phelps Wood Lawyers have experience winning financial compensation for our clients. In your time of pain, we can also help you get the money you deserve. So, why not call us today for a free consultation.

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