Casting Crown Band Former Drummer Injured In Nashville Motorcycle Accident

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As per the Facebook post of the Casting Crown band, their former drummer, Andy Williams, met with a Nashville motorcycle accident on Sunday morning.

Andy Williams was on his motorcycle on the way to church when he got hit by a vehicle. The post also reads, “He is ALIVE, but his needs are many. The doctors say that the best thing that can happen is for him to wake up on his own. So, please stop what you are doing and pray for Andy to wake up. Also, pray for his wife Kelly, his two sons Asher and Aiden, and his sister Mary.

The post also added, “The doctors have performed scans and are continuing to identify the trauma suffered.”

The drummer has been seriously injured and was resuscitated at the scene. He was then rushed to the local ER after the Nashville motorcycle accident. He was reportedly rushed to Vanderbilt Emergency Department in Nashville, Tennessee. Williams suffered from serious brain trauma and is currently on a ventilator.

Comments on his Facebook post start pouring in by his fans wishing and praying for his speedy recovery. Unfortunately, the exact cause of the accident is uncertain. He is also not reported if he was wearing a helmet or not.

Casting Crown is a contemporary rock band that started in the year 1999. Some of the famous songs of the band include Who Am I, Nobody, Praise You in The Storm, Scars In Heaven etc.

The Casting Crown Facebook page is updating his fans on Andy’s health. Through the Grace Chapel Fairview Facebook page, the latest health update reads, “Today the family met with the medical team, and they are thankful for their insight and constant care for Andy. They are exhausting every resource to care for Andy. While receiving the medical team’s opinions and evaluations of his condition, the family felt a tangible peace from The Lord.”

We hope he regains consciousness soon.


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