3 Judges Suspended After a Night of Drunken Brawl

Three judges had a wild night with heavy drinking and decided to go to a strip show, only several hours before attending an educational conference in Indianapolis. The judges were suspended after a night of the drunken brawl.

Andrew Adams, Sabrina Bell, and Bradley Jacobs arrived in Indianapolis for the Spring Judicial College on April 30th this year. They were socializing and drinking with other judicial officers during that evening. Early in the morning on May 1st (around 3 a.m.), the judges decided to go to a strip show, but the strip venue was closed, so the three judges stopped at a White Castle. According to an Indiana Supreme Court disciplinary ruling, two men in an SUV shouted at the three judges, provoking one of the judges to flip her middle finger to the men. The verbal argument turned physical; one of the judges brought one of the men to the ground, and the other started kicking him in the back.

The men and two of the jurists ended in a drunken brawl, which resulted in a shooting. One of the men pulled out a gun and started shooting. Two of the judges were seriously injured. The Indiana Supreme Court temporarily suspended the judges without pay for this week due to their behavior.

Judges Sabrina R. Bell of the Crawford Circuit Court, Andrew Adams of the Clark Circuit Court 1, and Bradley B. Jacobs of the Clark Circuit Court 2 were part of judicial misconduct and behavior that occurred in the drunken fight in the restaurant’s parking lot in Indianapolis downtown.

Judge Jacobs apologized for his behavior, which has embarrassed him and the Indiana Supreme Court, as well as his fellow judges and the entire profession. The judge could not offer any excuses for the events of that night.

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