71-Year Old Woman Dies After Crash with Indianapolis Fire Engine

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The police in Indianapolis responded to a crash involving an SUV and a city fire engine this week. It was the second such call the department had responded to in as many days. The day prior, there was a crash with a fire department truck and another vehicle at the intersection of Fall Creek Parkway and Delaware Street. Thankfully, the first crash did not result in any serious injuries. The same cannot be said for the second crash.

On Sunday, August 23 at about 10:30 am, a woman was driving her SUV in the westbound lanes of Southern Avenue. As she approached the intersection at Shelby Street, she collided with an Indianapolis fire engine.

The woman’s car became attached to the rear of the engine and was dragged about 100 feet. It then broke off and traveled another 100 feet before coming to a stop. The woman driving the SUV was 71-year old Della Gorka.

Gorka was taken to Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

There were 4 firefighters on the engine at the time of the crash. One was taken to Methodist Hospital to be treated for facial lacerations. His face had been cut from the impact with the windshield. The other 3 firefighters were not injured in the crash.

The coroner officially declared Gorka’s cause of death as multiple blunt force trauma. However, they clearly were caused by the crash. Depending on the investigation, her family may have a potential legal claim against the fire department. However, early reports show that the older woman was at fault.

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Source: https://www.wishtv.com/news/local-news/woman-71-dead-after-crash-involving-ifd-engine/

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