Cause of Kokomo Plane Crash Identified

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Dr. Daniel Greenwald – a doctor from Tampa, Florida – was killed in a plane crash on Saturday 5th October near Kokomo, IN. According to the Sheriff’s office, the 59-year-old was the only occupant of the small plane and the preliminary cause of the victim’s death was blunt force trauma. Cause of Kokomo plane crash identified.

The twin-engine plane crash occurred near the County Road 300 East and State Road 22 at a soybean field at around 5 PM. The authorities were notified immediately and arrived a few minutes later.

According to a recent preliminary report by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the plane that crashed used an incorrect fuel type. The report also revealed that the pilot asked for jet fuel which wasn’t appropriate for the small plane. Before fuelling the plane with the jet fuel, an employee confirmed with the pilot about the fuel type he wanted. The pilot visually checked the fuel tanks before taking off.

The plane was filled with about 163 gallons of jet fuel and according to the employees at the station, it sounded normal when started. They also didn’t hear any radio transmissions during the pilot’s departure.

One of the plane crash witnesses told the authorities that the plane was flying really low from north to south, before it suddenly made a sharp turn toward the east. The left wing of the plane dipped low and that’s when the witness lost sight of the plane. According to reports from the NTSB investigations, several of the engine sparks showed consistent damage with detonation and the wreckage displayed an accelerated stall.

Generally, many plane accidents are brought under legal theories of negligence and product liability. In this case, it was the pilot’s negligence to use the incorrect fuel for the plane. The plane’s owner and manufacturer may not be liable for any personal injury or death claims.

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