Two Drivers Charged for Killing 8-Year-Old, Injuring Other Children in Indianapolis Crash

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The two drivers, Giovanni Romero, 21, and Teresa Miranda Carvajal, 41, are accused and will face charges for killing an 8-year-old child and injuring three other children in an Indianapolis crash a day after Thanksgiving. The Prosecutor’s Office of Marion County claimed that both the drivers were driving under influence above the legal limit. 

Romero will face multiple charges, including felony charges for causing a death while intoxicated and driving. Similarly, Carvajal will also face several charges, including endangering the lives of children less than 18-year-old plus driving while intoxicated. 

The accident happened after 2 am in the early morning near the Meridian Street and Troy Avenue intersection on Nov 26. The four juveniles injured were immediately rushed to the local hospital, of which an 8-year-old was pronounced dead later at the hospital. 

According to the police, the four children aged 16, 12, 11, and 8 were traveling in a van as passengers, driven by Miranda Carvajal. According to medical officials, the 11-year-old is also in critical condition showing little to no brain activity. 

Miranda denied driving the vehicle as per the court documents, but a witness identified her as a driver. As per police reports, Miranda was in the crash, tried to open the van’s door to check on the children, and it appeared that none of the children had their seat belts and none of them was in their car seats. 

Surveillance video from a Shell gas station showed Romero also went through a red light while speeding. 

The Indianapolis crash is a DUI case, and both the drivers will be charged with several offenses that could lead to imprisonment time, fines, and penalties. 

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