Eastbound I-70 Now Open at Mt. Comfort Road After Multiple Semi Trucks Crash

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The Indiana Department of Transportation reported that eastbound I-70 was closed at Mt. Comfort Road after a multiple semi-truck accident occurred on Wednesday evening, around 7 p.m.

According to Indiana State Police, one semi truck crashed with another; the first truck hit the second semi truck on the shoulder, which caused an explosion and huge fire. Two other semi trucks ran off the road during the accident.

The traffic was diverted to U.S. 40. No injuries were reported. Eastbound I-70 was closed until midnight. If you were injured in a truck accident in Indiana, you should first seek medical help and then call a truck accident attorney.

Indiana is considered the state with the highest number of truck accidents in the past few years. Only in 2017, there were 16731 truck accidents. The highest number of them occurred in Marion County.

Most of the injured victims asked for help from a truck accident lawyer.

Trucks are heavy and often speed on the roads, which cause accidents and terrible injuries and damages. Victims in such accidents often need years to recover.

If such an accident is your case, you should not wait for time to pass by. Indiana has a limited period during which the victims can seek compensation for their injuries.

Hire a truck accident attorney and file a compensation claim.

Our team and Stewart Phelps Injury Wood Lawyers have handled numerous truck accident cases. We are experienced and know the steps and know how frustrating this process can be, especially when you are still recovering from the injuries.

Call our office today and schedule your initial free case evaluation. We will gladly hear your case and represent you until you get your deserved compensation.

Source: https://fox59.com/2020/01/22/isp-eastbound-i-70-closed-at-mt-comfort-road-after-semi-fire/

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