Firefighters Injured Putting Out a Lawrence Apartment Fire

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Firefighters from the Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) and Lawrence Fire Department converged at a Lawrence apartment to put out a fire on Wednesday evening at around 8 PM. The apartment was located off East 42nd Road and North Post Road. Firefighters were injured fighting a Lawrence apartment fire.

The fire marshalls got the situation under control by around 9.30 PM. Once the fire was out, the crews started searching for a missing resident who was later located safe and sound a few hours later. Up until Thursday morning, there is no official report of how many apartments were affected by the fire.

However, three firefighters were injured in the line of duty. Two of them were Lawrence crew members and the other was an IFD firefighter. One of the injured Lawrence firefighters fell through the roof. There were no other injuries reported, although several residents have been displaced. After the Wednesday night fire, all three firefighters have been released and are now receiving treatment.

Firefighters constantly place themselves in dangerous situations that can potentially cause devastating injuries. These dedicated individuals put their health on the line to protect their communities. While a few fighters die on the job, many of them get injured. Apart from burns, other common firefighter injuries are caused by roof collapse, smoke inhalation, and exposure to hazardous conditions.

In Indiana, firefighters who suffer injuries in the line of duty are eligible for worker compensation benefits. Firefighter volunteers, apprentices, and part-time crew members are also eligible for these benefits.

Thus, the injured firefighters in the Lawrence fire can file a claim for the workers’ comp benefits to cater for their medical bills, lost wages, and temporary disabilities. In the event a firefighter dies on the job, the surviving family members and dependents of the firefighter can claim death benefits on behalf of the deceased.

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