Fourth Vaping Death in Indiana

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Indiana had their fourth vaping death, health officials report.

The Indiana State Department of Health reports that there are 55 confirmed cases of vaping injuries and other 57 probable cases with the same issues.

In more than 50 of the cases, the injured people were in the age range 18 to 29, and only about 20 were people in their 30s.

A large number of young people (teens and young adults) are not even considering vaping to be a dangerous drug before it is too late.

Indiana’s latest vaping victim was an individual in their fifties, state health officials informed. There is no additional information about this case due to privacy concerns.

Nationwide, more than 2000 cases related to vaping injuries are reported; so far, 40 people have died.

The health department is collecting data on cases and is collaborating with local and federal health officials and health care providers. They are still trying to determine the potential causes of vaping injuries.

Four vaping deaths (out of 42) are in Indiana, informs the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Besides Indiana, Illinois, and California are two other states that have many deaths caused by injuries from vaping.

Last week, the CDC informed that investigators discovered a connection between the chemical vitamin E acetate and EVALI (the illness that is caused by using e-cigarettes, which causes harsh lung injuries).

The CDC is recommending that you avoid e-cigarettes or vaping products that contain THC.

For now, the federal health officials cannot say that the vitamin E acetate is the only chemical in e-cigarettes that is responsible for the outbreak. Investigators are exploring whether some other substance is the cause of lung injuries and death.

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