Husband of Murdered Attorney Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against the Killer’s Family

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An 84-year old man, identified as William Landske, was convicted for murdering his tax attorney, Edward Page. Now, the attorney’s family claims that the family of the man took no steps to prevent him from carrying a weapon despite his bizarre behavior. The wrongful death lawsuit against the killer’s family filed in Indiana by Page’s husband, Kevin Swanson. Landske and his family are defendants in the case.

Page was Landske’s family friend and submitted their taxes for free. Landske shot Page in anger claiming he was procrastinating in submitting their tax documents.

According to Swanson’s attorney, they intend to discuss red flag law that is designed to allow the authorities to confiscate guns from people who show bizarre behavior.

Understanding the Red Flag Law

Under the law, an officer can temporarily seize a gun without requiring a warrant. However, the officer will have to explain to a judge (in writing) why he or she considers the person to be dangerous.

An officer can confiscate a weapon if the person threatens to harm himself or someone else or shows behavior that may suggest he or she may behave in an unlawful manner.

Once a written explanation is submitted, the judge has 2 weeks to listen to the gun owner’s justification, review the case, and decide what to do with the weapon. The judge may return the weapon to the owner or give it back to the police.

More About the Suit

The plaintiff argues that Landske’s children knew that Landske was dangerous, demented, and armed but took no steps to snatch the weapon away from him.

Moreover, the lawsuit argues that the children were aware or should have been aware of their father’s intentions to harm Page based on the one-sided conversation he had with his late wife’s ashes that showed his deteriorating mental health.

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