Indiana Man Involved in a Bar Fight Wins $1.25 Million

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An Indianapolis man has a reason to rejoice after a bar fight by winning a $1.25 million settlement against 2 off-duty police officers and the city of Indianapolis.

What Really Happened

The man, identified as Bradford Bohanon, got involved in a bar fight that left him unconscious and injured. The incident happened in 2014, however, Bohanon filed the case in 2016 against the two men, identified as former Metropolitan Police Department officers named Michael Reiger and John Serban.

According to Bohanon, the two officers, who were drunk and off-duty that night, confronted him and presented their badges. The conversation soon got heated resulting in Serban hitting Bohanon and putting him in a chokehold, leaving him unconscious.

Bohanon submitted video proof as the two men continued to beat the victim eventually pulling him outside the bar.

As a result of the fight, the two officers were charged with felony battery and suspended without pay. They were, however, acquitted by the court. Their attorney proved that the two men acted in self-defense to control the situation.

The New Case

Unhappy with the situation, Bohanon sued the city of Indianapolis and both officers in 2016. After much deliberation, a jury ruled in his favor and ordered the city to pay $1.25 million to the victim.

Blaming the Policies

According to the judgment, the city was indifferent to the possibility of its policies causing off-duty officers to use force while being drunk. It concluded that the City’s policies played an important role in the officers’ actions.

The current policies prevent off-duty officers from performing law enforcement duties if they are drunk except in emergency situations.

Experts believe that the department may consider upgrading its policies if such events continue to take place.

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