LaPorte Two-Vehicle Crash Injures One, Driver Charged with OWI

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A LaPorte two-vehicle crash involving an intoxicated driver left one person with injuries. The incident occurred on Thursday, December 3. It was reported to the authorities in the afternoon.

According to the details shared by the La Porte County Sheriff’s Department, the accident took place along State Road 2. It involved a collision between two vehicles. Both vehicles were traveling in the westbound lanes of SR-2 at the time.

As the two vehicles approached the intersection at Fail Road, they had a stoplight. The vehicle in the front stopped at the stoplight. However, the second vehicle which was traveling right behind failed to stop in time and crashed into the rear of the other vehicle.

The LaPorte two-vehicle crash happened at around 4:00 p.m. The vehicle in the front which was rear-ended by the second vehicle had two occupants in it at the time. These included the driver and a passenger. The driver was identified as Bertina K. Sleppy, 56, of La Porte. Her passenger was identified as Joe Sleppy, 66, also of La Porte.

Bertina remained safe from any notable injuries in the collision. However, Joe Sleppy sustained an upper-body injury, although the precise nature of the injury is not known. Once the paramedics and first responders reached the scene of the crash, Joe was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

The driver in the other vehicle was identified as Kiven Francis, 57, of La Porte. Francis remained safe from any injuries in the collision. He claimed that he was unable to see the other vehicle stop due to the severe glare from the sun. However, preliminary investigations by the police showed that Francis was intoxicated at the time the crash occurred. He was subsequently charged with operating while intoxicated with a prior conviction. This makes it a Level 6 Felony charge.

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