Liberty Man Dies in Motorcycle Crash – Suspected Intoxication Involved

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The Sheriff’s Office in Wayne County received a report of a crash in the early morning hours of August 19, 2020. They received a call that a motorcycle had crashed into someone driving a sedan at the intersection of U.S. Highway-27 and Esteb Road. The crash happened at about 4:39 am on Wednesday.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found two vehicles involved in the crash. There was a 1995 Harley Davidson along with a 2001 Buick Park Avenue. The motorcycle had been driven by 55-year old Daniel Bolser of Liberty, Indiana. The Park Avenue was being driven by 46-year old David Ramsey of Richmond.

Apparently, Ramsey was driving his Buick in the Southbound lanes of Esteb Road. As he approached the intersection of U.S. 27, he attempted to make a left-hand turn onto the highway when he was hit by the motorcycle driven by Bolser.

By the time the police arrived at the scene, Daniel Bolser had already passed away from his injuries. He was pronounced dead at the scene. There is no information as to whether or not Ramsey was injured or not.

The police are still completing their investigation. However, they did confirm that they believe alcohol and drug intoxication played a role in the crash. Toxicology reports will confirm their suspicions.

If the investigation reveals that Daniel Bolser was drunk or high at the time of the crash, it may open up a legal claim for the other driver. David Ramsey will have a potential legal claim against Bolser’s insurance and his estate. There has been no comment from the victim or his family at this time.

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