Three Injured, One Seriously, in Madison County Accident

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Three people sustained injuries in a Madison County accident on the morning of Monday, April 5. The two-vehicle crash was reported to the authorities at around 8:20 a.m.

According to the details shared by the Madison County Sheriff’s Department, the incident happened at the intersection of County Road 600 South and County Road 200 East. One of the vehicles was traveling northbound on CR 600 at the time. The other vehicle was headed east on CR 200.

The eastbound vehicle didn’t stop and yield the way at the intersection. This brought it into a collision with the northbound vehicle. Two people were traveling in the northbound vehicle at the time of the crash. These included the driver and a passenger.

The driver of the vehicle was identified as Beverly S. Patrick, 36, of Anderson. He sustained serious injuries in the accident. The passenger was confirmed as Kristine Griffet, 23, of Anderson. His injuries are reported as non-critical.

Once the crash was called in and first responders reached the scene of the crash, both occupants of the northbound vehicle were transported to different area hospitals. Patrick was taken to the St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis where he remains under treatment. Griffet was transported to the Ascension St. Vincent Hospital in Anderson. He is reported to be out of danger.

The eastbound vehicle had its driver as the sole occupant when the crash occurred. He was identified as Michael S. Alderson, 67, of Martinsville. Alderson was also taken to the Ascension St. Vincent Hospital in Anderson with non-serious injuries.

The Sheriff’s Department continues to investigate the Madison County accident. It remains to be seen if any formal charges will be filed against Alderson for failing to yield the right-of-way.

In Indianapolis crashes involving two vehicles, one of the drivers is typically at-fault. This means that the other driver can seek compensatory damages with the help of an Indianapolis car accident lawyer.


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