Three-Vehicle Crash on SR 62 Kills One

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A woman lost her life in a three-vehicle crash on SR 62. The fatal incident occurred on the morning of Tuesday, March 16. It was reported to the authorities just after 7:30 p.m.

According to the details shared by the Indiana State Police, the crash involving three vehicles took place in Warrick County close to Evansville. One of these vehicles was a 2007 Kia. The driver of the Kia was identified as Sheila Shofstall, 70, of Chandler. Shofstall had stopped her vehicle just behind a tractor-trailer in the eastbound lanes due to a red traffic signal.

As Shofstall was waiting for the signal to turn, a second vehicle crashed into the rear of the Kia. This second vehicle was a 2011 Ford pickup truck. Its driver was identified as Vernon Knepp, 44, of Washington. The pickup truck was also pulling a utility trailer at the time.

Due to the dense fog conditions, Knepp was unable to see that the traffic had stopped up ahead. For this reason, the pickup truck crashed into the Kia at a fairly high speed. After hitting the right rear of the Kia, the pickup truck collided with the right side of the tractor-trailer stopped in front of the Kia. The pickup then came to a stop close to the intersection.

Shofstall sustained critical injuries in the collision and was pronounced dead on the scene of the accident.  Knepp also sustained injuries although his injuries are reported as non-critical. He was taken to the Ascension St. Vincent Hospital in Evansville. The driver of the tractor-trailer also suffered minor injuries. He was confirmed by ISP as Jermaine Canada, 48, of Birmingham, Alabama.

Following the three-vehicle crash on SR 62, the eastbound lanes of the state route remained closed to traffic for a few hours. ISP continues to investigate the incident.

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