My Condition Worsened Because of a Dangerous Drug. What Can I Do?

A bottle of pills, the pills are spilling out of the bottle onto a flat surface.

Every patient expects medication to make them better, not worse. Even if you experience uncomfortable side effects, you expect relief from your major symptoms. Unfortunately, some drugs are dangerous, and they can cause serious harm to patients. Drugs can be inherently dangerous because of the ingredients they contain or the way they were manufactured. However, […]

Do I Have to Testify in Court If I File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

A doctor at the hospital.

Whenever you visit a doctor or another healthcare provider, it’s reasonable to expect proper care. Many health issues are complicated, and doctors don’t fully understand every condition. Furthermore, not every illness can be cured. That being said, you don’t expect to get worse after an encounter with a medical professional. Doctors and other healthcare providers […]

Can I Recover Damages Following a Dog Bite in Indianapolis?

Dog Bite in Indianapolis

Dog bites can cause extensive harm to victims. They often lead to long-term physical and mental injuries that affect an individual’s ability to function as they once did. The injuries prevent them from working or engaging in their favorite activities.  Fortunately, victims of dog bites in Indianapolis can get compensation for their life-altering injuries. If […]

Can I Sue A Nurse for Medical Malpractice in Indianapolis?

Medical Malpractice in Indianapolis

Contrary to what many people believe, medical malpractice claims aren’t limited to doctors. Indiana’s Malpractice Act covers several medical professionals including nurses, midwives, dentists, physical therapists, and emergency medical technicians. Patients can even hold a hospital or another medical facility liable for negligence. However, medical malpractice in Indianapolis is complex, and can be very difficult […]

Pros and Cons of Settling a Personal Injury Case Out of Court

Pros and Cons of Settling a Personal Injury Case Out of Court

Every personal injury claim is different. Depending on the nature of your slip-and-fall, vehicular accident or other injury-related claim, you may have options. Your Indianapolis personal injury lawyer will evaluate your case and advise you on settling a personal injury case, or going to court. Despite what you may see on TV, only a small […]