Terre Haute Construction Worker Killed in DUI Crash

car accident

The police in Indianapolis were called to the scene of a multi-car accident Saturday night. It was in the wee hours of the morning when the cops arrived at the scene on Interstate 65. The crash happened right at the North Split near mile market 111.6. The accident involved at least three vehicles. It also […]

19-Year Old Man Flown to Hospital After Dangerous Crash in Ingalls

car accident

This past weekend, the cops in Ingalls, Indiana had their hands full with a two-car accident. The crash happened on Madison County Road new Indiana-9. The accident was so serious, one of the victims had to be flown to Methodist Hospital to be treated for his injuries. Nikolaus Jens-Uwe McCraig is a 19-year old man […]

How Are Pain and Suffering Damages Calculated After a Car Accident?

pain and suffering

You’ve probably heard about an insurance claim or lawsuit that included a claim for pain and suffering. However, you may have wondered if it was just a money-grabbing attempt by a victim and their lawyer. While it’s easy to understand how medical expenses or lost wages can be quantified, there’s obviously no clear dollar value […]

Teen Killed and 3 More Injured in Indianapolis Crash

car accident

The police were called to the scene of what appeared to be a freak accident in Southeast Indianapolis this week. Someone called and reported seeing a car speed down Frye Road and then plunge into a nearby pond. By the time the police arrived at the scene, the vehicle in question was submerged in more […]

What Evidence Do I Need to Support a Car Accident Claim?

A woman on the phone after being in a terrible car accident.

Even the most careful driver can get involved in a car accident. Even if you follow all the relevant traffic laws and keep your eyes on the road, another driver may crash into you. If you were not primarily to blame for the accident, that driver should compensate you for your losses. However, you’ll need […]

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Car Accident Claim in Indianapolis?

Car Accident Claim in Indianapolis

When injured people file a car accident claim in Indianapolis, they usually want to get their payments quickly. This is not surprising since medical bills and vehicle repair costs are often high. Since accident victims are often unable to work for some time, their quality of life can take a hit. However, while it’s possible […]