Is It Ever Too Late to Call a Car Accident Lawyer?

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Many car accident victims are sometimes reluctant to hire Indianapolis car accident attorneys. There are several reasons for this hesitation. For example, some believe that accident attorneys are too costly. Some others think that they don’t need attorneys. Instead, they assume that they’ll do just fine on their own.

Sadly, after a while, they often realize their mistake. Yet, some people still hesitate to engage legal professionals. At this stage, the issue is that they fear that it’s already too late to hire an attorney. This is why it’s smarter to hire an Indianapolis car accident lawyer immediately after a crash. A lawyer is always your best chance of getting the maximum compensation for your loss.

Can It Be Too Late To Hire an Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyer?

No, it’s never too late to engage the services of an accident attorney. Instead, it’ll be best to make that call at whatever stage you realize the importance of an attorney. Insurance adjusters and other interested parties may try convincing you that you don’t have to call a lawyer. However, it’ll be best to ignore them.

What If I’ve Gotten a Settlement Offer?

Getting an insurance settlement offer doesn’t mean that it’s too late to hire a lawyer. Instead, that’s probably the best time to get an attorney. This is because a good lawyer would ensure that the offer is sufficient for your losses. Therefore, you would avoid signing a low settlement agreement.

Furthermore, an attorney would ensure you find out if you’ll need future medical treatment. This stage is crucial because accepting a settlement often means that you can’t sue the fault party later. So, you have to confirm that you wouldn’t need to pay future bills because of your injuries.

What If the Statutory Period Has Passed?

Indiana law doesn’t allow you to file your car accident claim whenever you like. Instead, you have only two years to institute legal action. If you miss this deadline, you may think that it’s indeed too late to call an attorney. However, you may be wrong. This is because there are exceptions to the Indiana Statute of Limitations.

That is, there are instances where the courts will still accept your case even if you file it late. You wouldn’t know if you can still approach the court without speaking to a lawyer. So, it’ll be best to make that call still. Our firm offers a FREE initial consultation. We can thus explain your legal status at this stage at no cost.

When Is the Best Time to Call an Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyer?

The best time to hire a lawyer is always when the cause of action arises. This means that you should call an attorney immediately after the vehicle collision. An early start increases your chances of winning your accident claim.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll start legal action immediately. Instead, the lawyer would start guiding you on the next crucial steps. For example, a good lawyer would ensure that you get medical treatment.

Why Is Medical Treatment Necessary?

Medical care here would provide a link between your injuries and the accident. Furthermore, your medical records would also serve as crucial evidence. Waiting too long before seeing a doctor is a bad move. Firstly, the fault party can claim you didn’t sustain a significant injury. But, conversely, the injury can worsen because of your delay. Both ways, such a delay can reduce your compensation.

The losses from an Indianapolis car accident can get overwhelming quickly. So, pursuing compensation is always best. However, some people prefer to avoid legal tussles. A lawyer knows how costly and difficult it’ll be to rebuild your life. Therefore, they’ll always advise that you pursue compensation.

Other Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer Early

There are other advantages of calling an accident attorney early. One crucial one is the preservation of evidence. All car accident cases thrive on the strength of evidence. The stronger your evidence, the greater your chances of winning. However, time adversely affects evidence.

For example, witnesses may die. If they don’t, their memories of the collision may start fading. You may even lose vital electronic data such as CCTV recordings. Getting a lawyer early means they can file a claim before you lose vital evidence. They can also help you preserve the evidence until you need it.

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